Yoko Iyeiri, Verbs of Implicit Negation and their Complements in the History of English (John Benjamins, 2010)

ISBN: 9789027211705
xv + 223 pages

This books describes the eleven English verbs forbid, refuse, forbear, avoid, prohibit, prevent, hinder, refrain, fear, doubt, deny and their complementation from the historical perspective. The verbs have experienced the decline of that-clauses and the rise of various complement forms in the history of English. They are grouped into those that have developed to-infinitives, those that have developed gerundial constructions with or without prepositions, and those that have developed parenthetical constructions. With a number of verbs, a major shift of complementation took place from Late Middle English to Early Modern English, while the subsequent changes that took place with them in the Late Modern English period are also important.

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Preface and acknowledgements


List of tables and figures

  1. Introduction
  2. Verbs of implicit negation and to-infinitives
  3. Verbs of implicit negation and gerunds
  4. Verbs of implicit negation and gerunds with prepositions
  5. Verbs of implicit negation and subordinate clauses
  6. Summary and conclusions




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