“Negation in Different Versions of Chaucer’s Boece: Syntactic Variants and Editing the Text”

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Iyeiri, Yoko. 2010. “Negation in Different Versions of Chaucer’s Boece: Syntactic Variants and Editing the Text”. English Studies 91: 826-837.

Negation in five versions of Chaucer’s Boece

This paper explores negative constructions in five different versions of Chaucer’s Boece. The first three are earlier texts: (1) C1 = Cambridge, University Library MS Ii.1.38, (2) C2 = Cambridge, University Library MS Ii.3.21, (3) William Caxton (ed.), Boecius de Consolacione Philosophie. The latter two are modern editions namely (4) “The Boece”, in The Riverside Chaucer, and (5) Tim W. Machan (ed.), Chaucer’s Boece. The findings in this study include that C2 is older linguistically than C1. It has also been claimed in this article that modern editors tend to archaize the text too extensively, by showing that (4) and (5) are often more archaic than any of the Middle English texts under discussion.

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