Yoko Iyeiri, Hiroshi Yadomi, David Selfe & Jeremy Smith (eds.), Variational Studies on Pronominal Forms in the History of English (Kaitakusha, 2022)

This booklet includes seven papers, all discussing the historical development of English pronominal forms. The first two papers concentrate on the Middle English period, while the remaining papers all deal with the modern period including the 20th century. Personal pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, and relative pronouns are examined from functional and pragmatic perspectives.


Introduction (Yoko Iyeiri, Jeremy Smith, Hiroshi Yadomi & David Selfe)

Syntactic Function and Pronominal Form in Late Middle English (Jeremy J. Smith)

From Tho to Those in Fifteenth-Century English (Yoko Iyeiri)

Wh to-infinitive Constructions in Early Modern English Drama with Special Reference to Shakespeare (Shota Kikuchi)

Strategies of Power and Distance in the Trial Record of King Charles I: Combinations of Personal Pronouns and Modality in Speech Acts (Michi Shiina & Minako Nakayasu)

Macro- and Micro-Pragmatic Approaches to Thou and You in John Donne’s Sermons (Hiroshi Yadomi)

Thou and Ye in Nineteenth-Century American Novels (Masami Nakayama)

The Use of THOU in George Bernard Shaw’s Plays (Ayumi Nonomiya)