Hawaii Project

Since 2016, our research team has been working on some major documents left in Hawaii by members of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM). For the purpose of exploring the language of 19th-century American missionaries, we have so far compiled the ABCFM Hawaii Corpus (hereafter Hawaii Corpus), which consists of selected documents (journals, letters, and an autobiography) in the Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society Library. More specifically, the corpus includes:

  • Levi Chamberlain (1792-1849), 228,500 words (journals)
  • Lorrin Andrews (1795–1868), 24,100 words (journals)
  • Peter Johnson Gulick (1796-1877), 55,800 words (autobiography)
  • Dwight Baldwin (1798–1886), 139,900 words (journals)
  • Elisha Loomis (1799-1836), 29,300 words (journals)
  • Maria (Patton) Chamberlain (1803-1880), 69,500 words (journals)
  • Richard Armstrong (1805-1860), 24,500 words (journals)
  • Clarissa Chapman Armstrong (1805-1891), 81,500 words (journals and letters)

Total: 653,100 words (vers. 1.2)


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