“For and Because: A Comparative Study of Causal Conjunctions in Caxton’s Paris and Vienne and Three French Versions of the Same Text”

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Uchida, Mitsumi & Yoko Iyeiri. 2017.“For and Because: A Comparative Study of Causal Conjunctions in Caxton’s Paris and Vienne and Three French Versions of the Same Text”, in Language Contact and Variation in the History of English, ed. Mitsumi Uchida, Yoko Iyeiri & Lawrence Schourup, pp. 61-79. Tokyo: Kaitakusha.

This article discusses the causal conjunctions for and because in Paris and Vienne, which Caxton translated from French into Middle English, analyzing the relationship between his text and some possibly related French ones. The correspondence does not seem to be automatic. The following quotation from the article summarizes the point:

“Detailed comparison of examples with their French counterparts has led us to certain interesting facts. First, Caxton’s use of because appears not to have been prompted by the French noun cause or the verb causer, let alone the complex conjunction par cause que, which is sometimes described as the direct source of English because but is actually non-existent in our French data”. (Uchida & Iyeiri 2017: 76)

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